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Public online lecture “Decision information: developments in transport modelling”

The lecture series “Mobility analysis and planning for human-scale cities“ arranged by the Mobility Lab, University of Tartu, features experts and leading scholars in the field of mobility and transport from Estonia and beyond. The lecture series seeks to answer the question of how to promote human-scale, sustainable, and just cities through mobility analysis and transport planning. 


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The third lecture of our series is “Decision information: developments in transport modelling” by Assoc. Prof. Luc Wismans (University of Twente).
Luc Wismans is associate professor at the Transport Engineering & Management group of the University of Twente and Director Technology & Innovation of Goudappel, which is the largest traffic and transport consultant of the Netherlands. Luc is an expert on traffic management/ITS, smart mobility and transport modeling and working on the development of new modelling approaches, methods and algorithms, including the combination of these methods with data science methodologies. Being part of science and practice he is working at the sweet spot of integrating scientific developments in practice as well as translate practical needs to science.
In his lecture, Luc will provide some background on transport modelling, but will focus on the various developments and trends which are changing what decision information is needed and the way decision information is produced resulting in various innovations on this subject. Sustainable development goals as well as the digitalization are important causes for these developments in transport modelling.

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2024. aasta orienteerumisrajal saab (taas)tutvuda ülikooli ühiselamutega

2024. aasta orienteerumisrajal saab (taas)tutvuda ülikooli ühiselamutega