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Mobile Tartu 2024 – International Conference & PhD School

Mobile Tartu Conference focuses on mobile big data analytics for just and sustainable societies.  

Mobile Tartu 2024 includes two parallel in-person events: PhD School on June 11-14 and International Conference on June 12-14, 2024. Participation in the PhD School also includes the International Conference. 

MobileTartu 2024 special themes: 


  • mobility justice and socio-spatial inequalities, 

  • mobile big data analytics to inform climate change adaptation and crises preparedness, 

  • methodological advances, including AI-aided solutions in human mobility research. 


The conference series connects a strong community of mobility researchers, both early career researchers and leading scholars, as well as professionals from public and private sectors to discuss the latest research and applications in human mobility and mobile big data. 

The conference features keynote speeches, panel discussions, paper sessions, and a rich social programme with vibrant discussions about the conceptual, methodological, and empirical aspects of measuring mobility with the help of mobile big data and understanding related socio-spatial and human-environmental interactions. The conference also includes a PhD School with lectures, poster sessions, and hands-on workshops on mobile big data applications for understanding human mobility. 


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Opening conference of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Land Use


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