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International courses in the Department of Geography

Geoinformatics and Changing Cities – Exchange Modules for Graduate Studies

Urban regions are the main drivers of innovation and economic growth, and arenas for social and environmental challenges of contemporary society.

The exchange module facilitates enhancement in urban planning theory and practice, as well as developing knowledge and skills in geoinformatics and spatial analysis methods, to prepare top-level professionals who analyse, plan and govern our living environment. During the studies, students examine topics such as land use change, urbanisation, sustainable development, climate change, migration, information and communications technology (ICT).

We provide courses in English throughout the year – ca 50 ECTS during the autumn semester and ca 40 ECTS during the spring semester.

Please visit also the website of our international master programme “Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society”.

ERASMUS Exchange Module: Geoinformatics and Changing Cities


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Training Camp 2023: The Art of Giving a Popular Science Talk

12th Training Camp "How to Give a Popular Sciecne Talk" to PhD students in natural sciences will take place on May 19-20 (Fri - Sat).
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