Tiit Tammaru gave two presentations at National University of Singapore

In August, Tiit Tammaru, a professor of Urban and Population Geography and Head of the Chair of Human Geography at the Department of Geography, University of Tartu, visited the National University of Singapore, where he had the opportunity to give a guest lecture, a presentation and participate in a research seminar.  

Tammaru's guest lecture for undergraduate students in the department of geography focused on the topic "Inequality in Land Transport." According to the urban and population geographer, students were very actively involved in acquiring the material through various technical means that supported their analytical thinking. During the seminar of the same department, he also gave a presentation on segregation processes in the cities of the world. A lively discussion between the participants followed the presentation. As a final activity, he was invited to a seminar in the Department of Geography, which focused on assessing the impact of research.

Tammaru was very pleased with the visit. "I was very inspired by the methods and techniques used at NUS" he said. The professor noted that one of the best universities in the region is open to further cooperation, as the nearest top universities are at least seven flight hours away from them. At the same time, he acknowledged that cooperation between partners is based on very pragmatic principles.

The visit took place in cooperation between the University of Tartu Asia Centre and the Estonian Embassy in Singapore with the aim of establishing systematic cooperation between Singaporean and Estonian researchers.


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