Karl Markus Antson

Urban space conference: Where the Sidewalk Ends

On 18 October, the University of Tartu Library will host the urban space conference "Where the Sidewalk Ends". The conference will discuss what the city means to us and how to make sense of the urban experience of the species that live in the city. The event is organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development.

The city is a pool of people and ideas, public and hidden habitats, benefits, and obstacles of urban life. It is divided into neighbourhoods that embrace specific sense of belonging. Some of these are connected and woven together, some of them stand in isolation. This happens both by building physical borders and drawing personal boundaries. However, at the borderlines between regularity and disorder, between animal and plant neighbours, between those who live on dry land and in water, the playful connections take place. Such connections in the city are an inspiration to play with urban life. We welcome you to seek out adventures that help strive for a healthier and more diverse urban life and space. Let’s discuss the possibility of a new science – science of adventurous city. 

The conference is meant for anyone who thinks it is good to talk about the city by crossing the boundaries of scientific disciplines. Estonian- and English-language conference is open to professionals, students, activists and sympathisers, Estonian-English translation for those who wish. There are sessions of oral presentations and a poster session at lunchtime. 

The key-note speaker of the conference is Rusty Keeler from the United States, who is an advocate of playful urban space and dangerous play. 

Registration starting from August 2024. 


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